About Culture in Jordan – A Cultural Map Exhibition

A multi-phase project that aims to outline the various elements in the cultural map of Jordan and the region through researching, meeting and studying the outputs of cultural structures and practitioners. The project is lead by independent artists who took part in meetings, in several cities, with other cultural practitioners, academics, and institutions engaged in researching and developing cultural policies in the Arab World.

Various cultural initiatives present their work in ways that allow visitors to understand and interact with their projects. The idea of this exhibition was initiated by Raed Ibrahim and Ala Younis, organized in partnership with Jordan’s Ministry of Culture, Amman Greater Municipality, Al Mawred Al Thaqafy, and the participating institutions and individuals. Additional support from Geothe Institut. Developed as part of a multi-phase project that aims to put together the various elements in the cultural map of Jordan and the region.

Participants: Greater Amman Municipality, I Learn, The Science League, Book Loop, Badir, Bayt Silsal, Taghmees, Middle East University , Jadal, Spring Sessions, Ru’yana NGO, Zikra Initiative, 7iber, Hayyez, Khordda, Darat al Tasweer, Darat al Funun, Science League, Jordanian Path of Knowledge (JPK), Diwanieh, Ruwwad for Development, Studio 8, Studio-x, Sukarh, Cultural Innovators Network (CIN), Vox Populi, Aramram, For9a.com, Fadfed, Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation, Children Museum Jordan, Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, Shams Community, British Council Jordan, Al Balad Theater, Instituto Cervantes de Amán, Goethe Institut, Ma3mal 612 Think Factory, The Jordanian Romanian Forum for Culture, Creativity Center - Karak, Humans of Amman, Naqsh, UN Women, Warsheh Academy and Gallery, Arab Cinema Archive, Sky, Yousef Kawar, Jordan's Ministry of Culture.

10–12 April, 2016 at Hangar Ras Al-Ain, Amman, Jordan.

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