This land first speaks to you in signs

Curated exhibition of archival materials and some films from Cimatheque's collection
Presented in the context of Revisiting Memory program at Cimatheque.

In the year 1957, there was a Cinémathèque in Adly Street that faced difficulties in accommodating a film library and screening facilities in an apartment, and in creating programs that cater to an audience that was in and of itself culturally challenged. A few years afterwards –with the purpose of building a Cinémathèque as a national center– critic Abdel Hamid Said embarked on a personal mission, saving everything he produced or received of publications, images, correspondence, and other documents related to film. He, along with filmmakers and/or their inheritors sought to deposit their paper and celluloid legacies in physical and electronic libraries.

This early stage of an archaeological mission depicts centralized documentation, filmic interests, cinema movements, relationships of and to the state, aesthetics of the past, and a world of (chosen) words that were once given to / in Cairo.

Together with filmic productions, these repertoires of narratives, images, gestures, emotions, and contexts are situated, endorsed, refuted, or re-rendered in present contexts. Scenes from filmic works selected in the film and exhibition program were used as translations of ideals, places, and conditions, as direct connections in times and through complex paths that trace rare or marginal protagonists.

Cimatheque, Cairo 2.6–15.7.2015
Archival Kabinett, Berlin 22–30.5.2015 (part of Arsenal's Visionary Archive)

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