This land first speaks to you in signs

Selected lines from Cimatheque's collection of archival materials, in the picture is a focus on Egypt's own and partner productions.

Curated short lines are installed at Cimatheque's viewing room, using the space unique and customized storage units and furniture.

Some of the publications in the collection date back to 1950s, including those of the former Cinémathèque in Adly Street.

A good part of the printed material was donated by the late critic Abdel Hamid Said, above are some that depict him as well as some of his personal possessions.

1957-1960, on censorship, weary roads, questioning film productions, and a director's struggle with making a living from his own productions.

1964-1969, on socialist societies and celebrated representations.

1970s, collection is rich with documents that relate to non-Egyptian film industries, as well as Egyptian film and critical productions related to the Palestinian cause.

1970s, a wealth of reviews, scripts, translated articles were produced by cinema clubs, collectives, new waves and other groups, from different parts of Egypt.

Photos Ehab Abdo / Cimatheque

This land first speaks to you in signs, exhibition and some films from the archival materials of Cimatheque, presented in the context of Revisiting Memory. Curated by Ala Younis, viewing room at Cimatheque, Cairo (6.6–15.7.2015).

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