This land first speaks to you in signs

Selected lines from Cimatheque's collection of archival materials. Right: posters on filmmakers.

Exhibition included excerpts of found footage bought from flea markets in Alexandria. Shot by unknown amateur filmmakers, these family and travel footage was taken in Egypt, France and other countries.

1952-1961, rare publications on UAR and International cinema (Soviet Film, China's Screen), as well as production and distribution reports.

1961-1969, on socialist societies, celebrated representations, and UAR lists of censored international films.

1970s modes of production, letters from and meetings at festivals including competitions over friendship with/between GDR and West Germany.

Selection from the 1980s film productions, periodicals and local film festivals programs.

Photos Ala Younis

This land first speaks to you in signs, exhibition and some films from the print archive of Cimatheque – Alternative Film Centre (Cairo). Presented in the context of "Revisiting Memory: Building an Alternative Archive in Egypt", Cimatheque's presentation in Visionary Archive project organized by Arsenal Film and Video Art Institute in Berlin.
Exhibition is curated by Ala Younis at Archival Kabinett, Berlin (22–30.5.2015)

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